Still here

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on here. Lot’s of people have been asking me how I like my new job of here at Griffin and it been (for the most part) a lot of fun. I’m happy that I not only get to go back to the Mac and and reacquaint myself with its APIs, but also, just having a change of scenery has done me a lot of good. Free lunch Friday’s doesn’t hurt either 😉

As for other things, I haven’t flown since November and I really really need to find an instructor and go out and do a few touch and goes. Aaron has been asking about flying a lot lately and with the weather improving I’m looking up a lot lately too.

Let’s see, oh, yesterday my sister-in-law called my wife and told her that her son, who is 5 I think, decided to call 911 because she made him mad. Does anyone know how you go about getting a copy of 911 phone calls? they do archive them right. This one could be pretty good.