Yearly Archives: 2003

We made it!

OK everyone that was worried about us flying up to Michigan can stop worrying for a while. We made it safe and sound despite some exciting crosswinds at our destination in Romeo, MI. You can begin worrying again on Monday … Continue reading Continue reading

Curse you Peter Jackson!

Note: If you’re not a Lord of the Rings fan, you can probably skip this entry. I just noticed on Slashdot that Peter Jackson has cut Saruman’s scenes from The Return of The King. Not only the confrontation between Saruman … Continue reading Continue reading

Happy Birthday Wife!

Happy Birthday Sweet Sue! You’ve got one last year to go before your twenties are behind you. You’ll catch up to me before you know it 😉 I love you very much! Continue reading

No Ercoupe for Aaron

Lately I’ve been thinking about buying an airplane again. I do this every now and and again. I looked at all the cool airplanes at Aircraft Shopper Online and play with numbers in Excel and think about partnerships and eventually … Continue reading

Another Newspeak entry

Transfer Tubes: This is the term used by the Pentagon to describe the containers used to transport the bodies of the servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan back to the United States. Body bags apparently didn’t have quite the right … Continue reading Continue reading