The new leader of Troup 333

A while back my wife and I had the bright idea that our daughter Alexandria should join the Girl Scouts. And a little over a month or so ago, we signed her up in Troop 333 of the Brownies. From the beginning we noticed that the current leader was having some trouble staying on top of things, the reasons we found out later are personal and there is no need to go into them here. Well, a couple weeks ago the troop leader asked my wife Susie if she wouldn’t mind becoming a co-leader and helping her through this difficult time. My wife not being able to say no (she married me didn’t she?) promised to help though she was somewhat reluctant.

Susie hasn’t been feeling well, so last night I took Alex to her Brownie meeting and noticed that no one was there for the meeting. One other little girl showed up but that was it. After wondering around trying to find out if the meeting was moved I decided that the meeting had most likely been cancelled. After trying to locate a phone so the other little girl could call her parents we waited by the door for her father to show up and take her home. Just as he arrived, so did the troop leader. So we had our meeting after all, just 25 minutes late or so. The troop leader who is very nice, was clearly not ready focused on the meeting but I shrugged it off.

Then this morning Susie woke me saying “Guess who is the new leader of troop 333!?”. I’m still not quite sure how that happened, but it is, of course, my wife. She’s kind of nervous, but I know she’ll do just fine. She has a natural ability with kids and is far more patient with them than I am and I think she’ll be a great troop leader. Congratulations wife, I’m sure you’ll be a great troop leader!