Making Good on My Threat

A few weeks back I mentioned that I’d been thinking about an overhaul for the old web site here. Well, I finally made good on that threat (except the roots section, it still looks all old timey). I didn’t start out with a particular layout in mind. Just sort of started playing with the Mario background and it snowballed from there. Turned out okay I think. I also like that, apart from the social icons (brought to you by komodomedia), there are only 2 images used. The rest is all CSS.

I haven’t checked to see what it looks like with every single post, so I’m sure there are bound to be some pages that don’t render too well. I guess I’ll fix those problems as they come up. I’ve also not added any of the social thingies in: facebook, twitter, google+, etc. I may or may not add those things back in.

And maybe now that I like looking at it again, I’ll start writing a bit more. We’ll see.