Empire Avenue: Trading Influence

So I stumbled across Empire Avenue this evening. Another web site sort of like klout or peerindex but this one has a bit of a twist. Basically your personal social identity or brand is tradable in this sort of virtual stock market… thingy. Other users can buy / sell shares in your social identity based on whether they think you’re likely to increase or decrease in value. Your value is partly determined by how active you are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. So the whole site revolves around this virtual currency knows as eaves. You can earn eaves through trading virtual shares of other users/brands, completing various achievements (there are many) and, of course, you can pony up some real cash to purchase more eaves if you’re running low.

So there’s that.

Another way you can earn eaves is through missions. Users or brands that are looking to promote a web page or app, gain some likes on a facebook page, etc, can create missions rewarding you for these actions. I’m unable to create a mission at the moment, though I imagine that’s because I just signed up this evening. Or maybe it’s broken. It does seem a little half baked in several places. You can also create an advertising using eaves as currency to fund impressions. These cost a certain amount of eaves per page view.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of it so far, but may be worth a look as a possible promotional tool or maybe it can somehow be used to gauge your social influence, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in it!