Yearly Archives: 2011

My Son, the Playwright

My son is eleven. He wrote a play. I’d like to share it with you here. The Magic Potato by Aaron Original draft Criminal: Finally! I have the magic potato and its power. No one can stop me! Potato: Hey, … Continue reading

Updating Localized Nibs

This is probably common knowledge, but I’m writing this down here for my own benefit as much as anyone else. And maybe there’s a better way to do this, but this is what I’m doing. We’ve been sort of hit … Continue reading

Triple and a Full Dismount

She landed, tucked into a sort of roll, and settled face down on the golf course. Yep. I’ve killed my wife. No wait. As I got the cart stopped and ran over to her I could see she was convulsing. Continue reading

More on the Super Mario Room

First, the response and all the compliments have just blown me away. Thank you all so much. Second, my wife was a huge part of this. I couldn’t (wouldn’t) have done this without her help. I wanted to mention that … Continue reading

This Year’s Stupid Idea

I really need to learn to think through these ideas I have before committing to them. Last year I had this built-in bookcase idea that I was going to knock together in a few weekends. The year before I was … Continue reading