What Shipley said

I was totally going to write the exact same thing except with less coherency, and fewer oblique references to my financial well being (or lack thereof), but Wil Shipley beat me to it. You see, I was busy catching up on my feeds in NetNewsWire and watching people do silly things on YouTube.

In a nutshell Apple has me (and Shipley) a little worried. Shipley explains.

Which reminds me. I had one other (crazy?) theory recently regarding the iPhone and relative ease with which it was hacked. In this past Apple hasn’t shown much remorse when it comes to “borrowing” ideas developed by third parties and incorporating them into the Mac operating system, no? Everyone remembers Watson, Konfabulator, etc. At least they had the decency to buy CoverFlow. While Apple isn’t encouraging iPhone development (unless it’s web based), they haven’t yet made a concerted effort to put a stop to it. Perhaps Apple is watching closely to see what proves popular so they can incorporate it into the next release of the iPhone / iPod Touch without worry of guilt, compensation, or acknowledgement. Probably far fetched. Not the bit about Apple stealing any good ideas that might come from the iPhone development community. No that’s not far fetched at all. But surely this isn’t part of some master plan… or is it? [Cue: dramatic chipmunk]