Setting a kitten on fire!

With all the craziness going on over the last couple days I nearly forgot.

As everyone not under a rock knows, Tennessee is increasing cigarette taxes from 20¢ to 42¢ (or more). The most obvious problem with this is, with $300 million surplus that the state is currently running, why is there a need to raise $250 million more? Lots of people have commented on this very problem. But this is just as, if not more, troubling to me (from The Tennessean 5 Jun 2007):

At-risk students and English-language learners will be the biggest beneficiaries of the increase, netting about $120 million.

Reading between the lines, it’s would seem that half of this money is needed to fund education for illegal immigrants, but I haven’t seen anyone talking about this connection. Smoke up por favor.

Oh, and sorry about the title. Blame it on Kat.