So Long Blogelo

A while back I had a thought… what if there were a site that would pit two web sites against one another in a duel where you decided which would be victorious. And what if the results of those duels could be used to gauge which sites were better than others. More specifically, what if those sites could be tagged with keywords so those results could be used to determine which sites were the best news sites, or blogs, or music sites, whatever. Well, that was the idea behind Sort of a digg / / Technorati mash up.

I spent several weeks of my life putting together mostly because I thought it could be cool, but also the off chance that Google might throw 1.6 billion dollars at me in a fit of boredom. Well, it doesn’t look that that’s likely to happen. Blogelo is going away (sniff). The domain expires on October the 10th.

While blogelo didn’t take off it was pretty interesting to write. And for a few short weeks, it was a lot of fun. The local blogging scene poked at it for a while and it was pretty cool seeing how people compared one site versus another, watching the ELO ratings update in real time and ripple across all of the assorted tags. A shame it didn’t really take off, I would have loved to watch this unfold with thousands of people using the system simultaneously. Ah well, at least the daily duels between Kleinheider and Dustin were amusing.

Anyway, so long blogelo and if you’re listening Google, I’ll make you a really good deal on the source.