So I’m Lazy

I’ve been meaning to compose several posts over the last several weeks, but I keep getting distracted by other things [cough] Oblivion [cough]. So here in no particular order are condensed versions of some of the more interesting things that have been going on… at least I think they are interesting, my apologies if this puts you to sleep.

  • I cracked 1.5 million in Geometry Wars. I’m coming for you BillyBlaze314! Not really. I’m pretty sure he, and anyone else that has topped 2 million in this game, is a cyborg. Genetically engineered superman are real. These high scores are irrefutable proof.
  • I got to ride a Segway! What an awesome contraption. A shame I can’t think of any justification for owning one… yet.
  • We went to see Superman Returns over the weekend. My review: Meh. The Spiderman 3 trailer, however, looks sweet.
  • Another year of fireworks with no severe burns. This year our annual neighborhood fireworks display lasted well over 2 hours and was a blast (get it!? ha!) as usual. Sadly my string of 8,000 firecrackers had to be re-lit a couple of times. Next year I’m going to keep them rolled up I think.
  • My 10 year anniversary approaches and we’re going on a cruise. Neither of us has been on a cruise before. I can’t wait to see Gopher, Doc, Isaac, and of course Captain Stubing.
  • Shortly after the cruise I’ll be heading to WWDC in San Francisco for that latest in Apple developer edutainment. If you happen to be going to WWDC as well let me know. Always nice to meet other Mac developers face to face. There aren’t so many of them here in Nashville.