Yearly Archives: 2002

E! meets The History Channel

I noticed that A&E has this show which debuts tomorrow night… “But honey it’s educational. It’s on A&E after all…” Continue reading

I Must Win This!

Rotten Tomatoes is having a Monty Python and the Holy Grail Sweepstakes. These are great! Check ’em out: Patsy, Prince Herbert, The Black Knight, The Bridgekeeper, The Dead Collector, The French Taunter, The King of Swamp Castle, The Knights – … Continue reading Continue reading

Gallery Lives

I finally got the gallery moved to the new site. It’s located in the images section. This time around however, it’s password protected. I emailed the password to everyone I could think of, but I might have forgotten someone. If … Continue reading Continue reading

Smart or Lazy?

So my 5 year old girl, Alexandria, is in kindergarten and was tasked with practicing writing her capital I’s. Now instead of drawing I over and over, she did a bunch |’s then she drew one long line across the … Continue reading Continue reading


Just a thought. I didn’t see any comments about bringing back the Geekcam. Hmm… I wonder what the response were I an attractive 20-something female exhibitionist… Continue reading