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For the time being, this isn't much more than a photo gallery... and not a very extensive one at that.

I will however take the time to introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about me.

Note to family & friends: Yes, every now and again people other than you all visit my web page. :)

My name is Casey Fleser. I'm 31 years old , married and father of one beautiful little girl, and now a beautiful baby boy. We all live in a house in La Vergne, TN. (La Vergne is a suburb of Nashville TN).

I work at GLW, Inc. We make professional audio equipment. And I, along with several other guys , write the code that makes them go. Check out our web page. I think the "real" home page is only 3 or 4 pages away from the "intro" web page. Be patient, you'll eventually get to the part that talks about our products.

In my spare time, I write software at home. Which is why you may have stopped by in the first place. Some of it actually finds it's way out onto the internet. Most of it is doodling that never leaves my hard disk (some would say all of it is doodling).

Besides "computer stuff", I also have an interest in Hockey, Football, Aviation, Astronomy, Lawn & Garden care (although you couldn't tell it from my lawn or garden), and Science Fiction.

We'll that's enough about me. As I said, this is really the photo gallery section of my web page (where the grandparents and others scrounge to find pictures of Alexandria). So I'll get to the pictures.

Where are the Aaron pictures you might be wondering? Well it takes a lot of work to make the cute little polaroidy looking things that I have below. Instead, I have another page where you'll find pictures of Aaron, and Alex too.
Alex the Cowgirl
My two best girls
Alex at Easter
I wish it was mine...
My lil' Red Wing
Me & Alex
Tiny Alex
The Stanley Cup
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