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Misc. Bits
This is where I keep everything that doesn't fit into the other categories. Right now, it's just a handful of links though.
Every morning I visit these pages to catch up on my Be, Mac, and of course Predators news.

MacInTouch Ric Ford's fantastic site starts me off with news regarding all things Apple...

Mac OS Rumors ...while Mac OS Rumors loads in another window. Rumors has been slipping a bit lately, though.

MacCentral Online MacCentral rounds out my Mac news for the day. And occasionally Andy Ihnatko is good for a chuckle or two.

BeOS Central Jake Latham and John Wiggins provide me with most of my daily Be news. BeOS Central is also headquarters for the Team BeOS Central , a group of BeOS users and/or fans working to crack the RC5-64 code. If you're not a member, check it out, we need your cycles.

BeForever Jody Sweeton's daily BeOS news page provides me with the rest of my daily Be news.

Be, Inc. I don't generally visit Be's web page every day, but occasionally there some news here. NHL If I have a chance, I'll stop here to catch up on Predators news...

Tennessean - Predators ... although the Tennessean's page (finally) has a bit more detail. Unless of course I'm looking for stats, or a computerized ranking info...

MRR NHL ... I'll stop by Conway's Sports Research to find out how good the computers think the Preds are. See, we've come full circle back to computers. :)

Friends & Family
Dan Maher Dan's a friend and a co-worker too. His page is pretty boring, but I put it here anyway cause I feel sorry for him. :)

Bill Nunley Bill is my cousin, and he does consulting work as well as a lot of other stuff. This is actually a link to his business. Free plug cuz!

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