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Harrison introduces groundbreaking new console True Instant Recall in a Sound Reinforcement mixing console.

Phoenix, November 13, 1998
Harrison announces the introduction of the LPC (Live Performance Console), a groundbreaking new mixing console specifically designed to provide a comprehensive solution for theater and fixed venue sound reinforcement applications. According to Harrison Marketing Director, Steve Turley, "We have applied technology we developed for the film and post-production markets to a sound reinforcement console. This is going to provide that industry with capabilities they have only dreamed about until now. Finally, the LPC fulfills the true definition of Instant Recall in a live console. Every setting, every channel, every mix bus - it's all there - recallable at the touch of a button. This is what the industry has been waiting for."

The LPC's proprietary IKIS event-based automation provides automation on a scale not found in sound reinforcement consoles. Based on the powerful Be operating system, IKIS' instant recall provides (as the name suggests) recall and reset of every function on the entire console in less than 1/30th of a second. IKIS will accommodate up to 10,000 recall settings, called Cues, instantly available at the touch of a button. Integrated MIDI control is also available to access outboard effects or lighting cues from the console Cue recall. The LPC with IKIS instant recall will replace multiple consoles in festival concert environments, and provide the power to incorporate larger and more complex sound design in theatrical performances. Utilizing advanced remote processing technology developed by Harrison, the LPC provides a large number of channels in a footprint measuring only 74 by 36 inches. Offering a wide variety of Front of House and Stage Monitor possibilities, the LPC is designed to accommodate any size show. An extensive, automated input selection system greatly reduces the actual active channels required for a given section of a performance. Each provides:

- Instant Recall of every function on the console: Instant save and recall of complete console setups, including input selection and routing.

- Automated, motorized faders recall level settings instantly with each automation Cue.

- Harrison's exclusive, touch-sensitive, motorized, automated pots provide instant visual feedback to the mixing engineer and are recalled with each automation Cue.

- The control surface's small physical footprint requires less floor space in the theater, leaving more available seating than other multiple-console configurations with the equivalent power.

- 80 Input Channels per rack unit: Each channel has a full dynamics section, four-band EQ, high- and low-pass filters, 32 sends and sidechain filters on the dynamics section. All of these settings are under Instant Recall control.

- Three Microphone and one Line-level input on every channel: Fully automated input selection allows for instant input reconfiguration between scenes or acts.

- Redundant automation computers continuously monitor each other to provide fault-tolerant operation.

- 32 MixMaster buses are usable in any configuration of Auxiliary buses, matrix outputs and grouped submixes.

- Four independent stereo main outputs mixes.

- Mix-to-faders function allows the mixing engineer to bring any of the available 32 mixes instantly to the faders to quickly make fine adjustments to the mix on the fly.

- Allows for minimal cable runs of low-level signals by placing the audio processing racks in close proximity to the signal sources on stage.Up to three racks units can be controlled by one control surface (Total of 720 Mic level and 240 Line level inputs available).

- Any combination of digital and analog input channels is possible with the LPC.

Harrison is a leading manufacturer of premium, automated audio mixing consoles for the film, post-production, broadcast, music recording and sound reinforcement industries.

For more information, please contact:

Stephen D. Turley, Marketing Director
7104 Crossroad Blvd, Suite 118
Brentwood, TN 37027
PHONE: (615)370-9001
FAX: (615)370-4906
Jamie Gray
Harrison European Operations
4 Cooper House
Ravens Lane
Berkhamsted, HERTS HP4-2DX, UK
PHONE/FAX: 44-1442-875-900
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