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Project 365: 1-60

Anyway, I was going through my most “interesting” (as determined by flickr) pictures to see if the newer images were more likely to be more interesting than the older ones. In other words: Am I taking better pictures? Continue reading

Of Cats and Cousins

Besides the obvious enjoyment I get from piecing together clues to discover my family history, one of the other benefits over publishing my genealogy online is “meeting” distant relatives. Continue reading

Making: No Way Out

So several people now have asked me how I created this picture that I posted on flickr last night. Here’s the whole tale. Continue reading

Project 365: First 35 days

35 days in and I’m still going strong with the whole Project 365 thing, despite my wife’s initial skepticism. There were several reasons for starting this little project. First, to try and learn a bit more about taking photos. While I don’t know that I’m any better a recognizing what makes one composition better than another, or how to effectively use light, I do think that I understand the technical details a bit better, and I’ve really gotten to know my camera much better. Continue reading

Act II

Why hello there old blog! It’s been a while. You’re looking… not so great really. I thought that I was going to do something about that? One of those things I’ve not gotten around to I guess. My list of things I’ve not quite gotten around to seems to be growing. And lately I’ve been thinking about that more and more.
Continue reading