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Alex’s Christmas Note

Alexandria left a note for Santa tonight
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Two Nubbins

Aaron wants a brother A few days ago my five year old went up to my wife and gave her a great big kiss. It went kind of like this: “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmah! There… Is that enough to make a baby?” Misfortune … Continue reading

Parenting: Expect the Unexpected

You know when I signed up for this parenting thing, I expected usual assorted kid problems, skinned knees, spit up and later full real vomit completely with bits of partially digested… whatever, ear infections, etc., etc. We had a new one today. Alex came running upstairs, obviously distraught: “iwasplayingoutsideandiaccidentallygotarockstuckinmybellybutton”!
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I’ve Been There Before

Dooce is feeling guilty: For telling Leta after she came up to me and indicated that she wanted to play Elmo on the computer for the tenth time in one hour that Elmo was dead. He died. NO MORE PLAYING … Continue reading