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Pro Bowl Excitement

I enjoy football, but somehow I’ve never watched a Pro Bowl. No one else really seems to pay attention to it. There’s not a lot of “water-cooler” talk after the game so I maybe that has something to do with … Continue reading


It wasn’t just that they lost. It was how they lost. As if the football gods decided, for whatever reason, that not only were the Titans going to lose, but do it in such a way as to extract the maximum amount of frustration out of the team and its fans possible. As if the entire game, or season for that matter, was designed by a higher power to to taunt us repeatedly with the prospect of winning. It seemed like the Titans were Charlie Brown and the Ravens were Lucy. Or maybe the Titans were Lucy and the fans were Charlie Brown. Continue reading

Thoughts on Super Bowl XLI

Thoughts on Super Bowl XLI
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