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iOS Release / Mobile Safari Version Table

Earlier today I was trying to use some web logs to get a sense of iOS adoption rate. I was looking at the version of Mobile Safari being used by requesting browsers, but had no idea which version of Mobile Safari went with which release of iOS and somehow Google was of no help. So I made a list. Then I decided someone else might find this information useful someday too. So I made a table. And for good measure I added some stuff about iOS release dates, which of those releases is supported on various iOS devices, and some other assorted goodies. I’m seem to always be referring to this wikipedia article, but it’s a bit of information overload. This is mostly all I need. Continue reading

Every 90 seconds

There are currently 530,652 apps on the store and that number is increases by one roughly every 90 seconds. If you could somehow manage to download an app every second, it would take you a little more than 6 days to download every one, during which time another 6,145 apps would appear on the App Store. Continue reading


Sitting here staring at my blog. It really needs a makeover. It’s not horrible. It’s a fairly clean layout, which I like, but the pieces don’t quite fit together right. Anyone out there want to point me to some nice … Continue reading

Stupid Words

“Some people have a way with words… others… not have way.” – Steve Martin About six years ago I wrote a post that was a little about high school, and a little about celebrity and I recently re-read it after … Continue reading