Where’s George?

Imagine you’ve just left your house and are running a few minutes late from work. You stop at an intersection and notice, there lying on the road, several bills. Three one dollar bills to be exact, although you’re not quite certain. What do you do? If you’re me, you put the car in park, get out, pausing only briefly to consider whether this would make a good photo, until a breath of wind sends some of the money skittering further down the road. At this point you gather up the money and look around to be sure that there isn’t any more laying around, and as an afterthought, perhaps the former owner.

I spotted neither an owner or more bits of green paper, so I got back in my car and continued the commute to work. And I called my wife to tell her about my new found riches and suggested she go take a look, since it was so close to the house. Hey, maybe somebody pulled a caper and some of their folding money had come unstole! Of course she informed me of the much more likely possibility that some kid had dropped his/her lunch money while waiting for the school bus this morning. This caused me a momentary pang of guilt. Very brief. It’s not like, had I left it there, the wind would’ve blown it back to the original owner. And anyway, come lunchtime, the kid will learn a valuable lesson on the importance of securing your money.