Old Time Bloggin’

You kids with your fancy WordPresses and MovableTypes. Back in my day we had to enter each line of html by hand. In binary. With toggle switches. And we liked it!

You see before there was somegeekintn.com there was pr3d4t0r.com (I have a gift for horrible domain names. What can I say?) and before that, I had a little outpost called Casey’s Bit of Things which was hosted by my former employer. I’ve had the remnants of this old site laying about for a while, and the idea that I’d upload a copy somewhere. Someday. For whatever reason, I did that tonight.

I had to make a few changes and recreate a couple of missing pages, but it’s mostly intact. It covers the time period between October 2, 1998 and November 12, 2001. You’ll notice my last entry which says “I really should update this more often”. Some things never change.

So anyway, if you’re terribly bored, take a look and sorry about all the broken links.