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Mike's Stash II
Mike’s Stash

It started simple enough. About 8 or 9 years ago my family and our good friends, the Benners, who lived across the street from us decided to get together for to celebrate our independence with some food, music, and a few fireworks. Our first show was mostly a few artillery shells, and a few cakes thrown in for good measure. Nothing too extravagant. It was a lot of fun. Especially the fireworks. Each year it seemed we’d buy a little more and a little more, until soon the better part of our block was looking forward to the show on the 4th. Sadly, the Benners moved away a few years back and I thought about abandoning our annual tradition. Another group of neighbors had no intention of doing that however.

And so it is, that what was once small but respectable display by a couple of guys, has grown into an all day event with no less than five households on my block participating in the celebration. My contribution, which was pretty substantial once upon a time, has diminished as the years have gone by. Not because I’m necessarily buying fewer fireworks, but because my neighbors keep upping the ante! Just take a look at the picture above. People from all over the neighborhood seem to wander over to watch our show an we’re pretty proud of that. We’re also pretty happy that, so far, we’ve not had any injuries or mishaps of consequence.

Tomorrow (actually later today I guess) will start with one last trip to the fireworks store for a few last minute items. Followed by the food, music, games and socializing, all the while anxiously waiting for the sun to set. And then the show will begin. Hopefully our best yet.

If your in the area and want to watch or better yet, participate, feel free to stop by. email, call, or tweet for details.