A Few Changes

Hey folks. I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I’ve made a few changes to the site recently. Mostly this concerns the genealogy section.

First: I registered sgntn.com. So if you’re lazy and don’t like typing out all those letters in somegeekintn, then you’ll be all happy it is hoped.

Second: If you’re still using pr3d4t0r.com, you’re really behind the times. That domain died (mercifully) last month sometime along with all the spam it carried.

Finally, the really important bit. I’ve updated the genealogy software to version 6. This adds all sorts of nice things I’m sure. To be honest I haven’t looked closely, but it’s a bigger number than 5 so obviously it’s better. While updating the software, I took a moment to also make some changes regarding privacy. A lot of people are concerned about identity theft and such, so I am restricting public access to only those individuals that are deceased, or those born more that 75 years ago. If you’d like access, please read the section regarding privacy on the main genealogy page.