Carnival follow up

My wife took the time to call Carnival regarding the luggage fiasco aboard their cruise ship Sensation, and lately we received a response in the form of a letter:

Dear Mrs. Fleser:

When any guest of ours takes the time to share their cruise experience they obviously care enough to bring these matters to our attention.

Our sincere thanks to you for providing us with your comments and observations. Be assured that those in a position to effect change will be notified and work toward enhancing our product.

Our records indicate a credit in the amount of $150.00 was posted to your shipboard Sail & Sign account and a fifteen percent discount was extended to you and Mr. Casey Fleser. While we understand your position, it is Carnival’s position that the gesture extended was fair and equitable and no further compensation will be granted in this instance.

We hope to regain your confidence in us so that we may have the opportunity to welcome you aboard again soon.


Robert Habenicht
Special Advisor, Office of the President

So there you have it. Carnival believes that if they misplace your luggage and and make, seemingly, no real effort to recover it, then you’re entitled to $75 per person to replace those items, such as clothing and toiletries, needed for the duration of your cruise. Fortunately for them, the most convenient stores are onboard their ship so I imagine that didn’t cost them much more than $50. And not only that, but they’re nice enough to offer a 15% discount on the next opportunity to screw up your vacation. What a deal!

While additional compensation would’ve been a nice gesture, our dialog with them has been in hopes of preventing this sort of thing from happening to anyone else. Of course an apology wouldn’t hurt either. If you read the letter closely perhaps you spotted the apology. If so, please indicate to me where, cause I’m not seeing it. Obviously Mr. Habenicht isn’t from Canada.