Pulling the plug

Well, it’s done. It’s been something I’ve been wrestling with for several months now, but I’ve made the decision, difficult though it was.

No More WoW

So, yeah, I’m canceling my World of Warcraft account. It’s the longest amount of time I ever spent playing any video game regularly and so I can easily call it my second favorite game of all time (nothing will ever unseat the Zork trilogy).

But, lately I simply can’t get excited about playing WoW. I could raid with the rest of my guild and I do (for the most part) enjoy the company, but it’s very structured and regimented which really doesn’t appeal that much to me. The encounters are interesting, but once you’ve seen them, you’ve seen them. Playing strictly for the pursuit of gear is a little baffling to me. It’s really nice to get new gear, but with the expansion coming and the level cap raised to 70, all that purple gear that you ran BWL fiftyeleven times for will be overpowered by level 70 BoE random world blues soon, and so on when the level 80 expansion comes along. The Battlegrounds had a chance to be a lot of fun, but sadly Blizzard chose to reward those with the most free time as opposed to those with the most skill. I’m not saying I’d make Grand Marshall on skill alone, but at least I would have a better shot. And then, there is nothing really for a level 60 to do solo. I have alts, and they’re actually quite a lot of fun… until you have to take them through Stranglethorn Vale where all the other bored level 60s hang out ganking lowbies. I don’t mind the occasional knife in the back. Some folks enjoy that sort of thing, some people like kicking puppies as well. I don’t really understand. But an hour of running between the graveyard and your corpse isn’t really all that fun surprisingly. STV was a bumpy ride when I took my original toons through there, but now it’s just silly.

So I’m letting my account expire… but don’t ask me for my stuff! There’s always a chance that The Burning Crusade will whet my appetite for more WoW and I’ll need a little more time on the hamster wheel. But in the event that this is really the end, I’d like to say so long to the people of the Thunderlord server and my friends in SOL it’s been a blast. Agrajag out.