The Answers

  • “Around 45MPG.”
  • “It’s a twin cyclinder 650.”
  • “15 front, 14 rear.”
  • “Gear drive.”
  • “No, Suzuki.”
  • “Yes, it’s technically a scooter.”

Last year I got a lot of questions about my scooter, but they were of the easier variety, such as: “Wow, that’s pretty cool, how do you like it?”. This was pretty easy to answer: “I love it”. This year I’m suddenly getting more technical questions that I haven’t prepared for. Honestly I haven’t been terribly concerned with the details of it’s construction, only that it gets me from point A to point B reliably and that’s it’s a blast to drive. Not to mention it’s a little easier on my wallet than the Jeep with gas prices going through the roof.

So in Jeopardy form, the questions for the answers are:

  • “What kind of mileage do you get with that?”
  • “What’s in there, 2 cylinder? 4 cylinder?”
  • “How big are the wheels?”
  • “Is that chain drive? Shaft? Gear?”
  • “Who makes that, Vespa?”
  • “Thats pretty big. And it’s still considered a scooter?”

For additional details, check the specs (this is for the 2006 Suzuki Burgman 650. Mine is a 2003, but the differences are pretty minor).