Sneak Preview

I’ve received blessing from work to set up a little closed beta for my latest project. It’s actually more of a preview. Beta implies that the feature set is frozen, and I’m really only about 2/3 of the way along.

Here’s the deal: I’m writing a little app that can monitor various events such as PowerMate and AirClick signals, hot keys, itunes, etc and execute a task in response to these events. The tasks include things like executing an AppleScript, simulating a key press, presenting an on screen message, writing to a file, and so forth. And I’m looking for a little feedback. So if you have a PowerMate or AirClick, or if you are a former ClipFiler user, or you’re just naturally curious, then email me at requesting access to the beta. Please let me know if you’re using a PowerMate or AirClick, oh it might be helpful to know if you’re in the Nashville area too.

This is a limited time offer! Act now! Supplies are limited! etc etc

Oh I forgot to mention, the software requires Mac OS X 10.4