Old Dog. New Trick.

More and more I find myself taking advantage of XCode’s code completion feature. It’s been in there awhile I know, but it sometimes takes me awhile to incorporate new features into my repertoire. I’m funny like that.

The thing is, now that it’s becoming a part of my muscle memory, I find myself hitting the escape key all the time even to complete silly things. For example I’ll type NSMutableAttributedSt… yeah, I’ll hit escape about there. And XCode will happily fill in the remainder of NSMutableAttributedString for me thereby saving me 2 keystrokes. I’m not sure I’m using this right.

Oh speaking of silly things. I’ve been writing in C and it’s assorted offspring for what? 15 years or so now? How long, O how long, before I can say I forgotten my last semi-colon!? Not that I don’t normally find these right away, but how is it possible I still occasionally forget them? Sheesh.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that. Back to the tappity-tap.