Keep Out of Reach of Children

That’s what the label on the curiously strong magnets I received as a birthday gift read. It did not however say “Keep Out of Reach of Children Posing as Grown Men”. And that’s where the trouble started.

Though I wasn’t at all ready to begin the new week, I plunged ahead anyway went to work and began digging in. Fairly early on, J came by to chat about the fun time I had at the parade Sunday whilst I absentmindedly fondled an assortment of my special magnets in my left hand… the left hand which rested ever so casually on the front left portion of my Powerbook. And I some point I dropped or placed (it’s all a horrific blur now) those magnets on the actual Powerbook, my brain still trying to pull itself out of the weekend fog. I could feel the tug of some ferrous material beneath my wonderful magnets. I think at this point I mentioned to J that there was metal in there, interesting huh? In response, J wondered aloud if I’d also considered the possibility that a hard disk drive lived in my laptop.

Oh. Dear. God.

Suddenly I was awake, and as my attempts to navigate my running applications resulted in the happy fun spinning beach ball of doom, my stomach became more than a little unsettled.

Reboot: Perma-Gray Screen.

Resuscitation attempts proved to be futile. Time of death: 1:30PM or so.

Fortunately the most important stuff was backed up. However, I did miss a couple things. Namely my email and address book (though I got pretty much all of that back after syncing with my phone). Also anything stored in prefs files and the like such as bookmarks and NetNewsWire’s feed list. All gone.

So who else had a really good Monday?