Some time ago I installed gallery software here on SGnTN and my lovely wife was supposed to sort of take ownership of that section, organize, title, etc., etc. Well I think she got 30 or so pictures into it and lost interest (we’re like peas and carrots).

So then last week I added some pictures to the gallery, took a look around and decided it was a mess and I’d organize it myself. I think I got about 30 pictures into it before I said screw it. Gallery 2 is a really nice package, but it’s still pretty painful to organize ~900 pictures from scratch.

Well today I finally added some pictures to my flickr account. It it relatively painless to use so far. But then again, I think I’ve only uploaded a dozen or so pictures. So here’s what I think I’m going to do. I’ll be sharing some of my pictures on flickr and we’ll try and keep those tagged and titled. Maybe the titles will even make sense. Gallery will be used as a backup for iPhoto more or less. I’ll place all my pictures there in a big unorganized, title-less clump.

Flickr photos –

SGnTN gallery –