Football time in Tennessee

Aaron finally got a chance to see his first real NFL football game in person when we went to watch the Titans versus the Browns last Saturday night. I use the term “real” loosely since this was an preseason game. Granted it was a preseason game, and it was the Browns, but the Titans looked pretty good. Chris Brown’s 6 carries for 46 yards looked pretty good, especially given Eddie George’s 5 carries for 12 yards for Dallas. Good luck with all that Eddie. I left the game feeling pretty optimistic about the upcoming season.
But back to Aaron, he seemed to enjoy himself, even the walk from across the river, and up the 6 levels of ramps and finally, the 70-something steps to Section 342 Row EE, Seats 1 & 2 where I’ve been hanging out since the Titans began playing at The Coliseum. We decided to leave sometime around the end of the 3rd quarter and I feel pretty good about taking him again pretty soon.
In other football news: Me and some other guys (and girls) have started our fantasy football league over at There are some open spots available if you want to join up. The draft day is set for September 6th (automated, not live) and the league is called “TNT Football League” (sorry the best name I could come up with in the 60 seconds or so of thought I put into it). The password is simple. If you need some help signing up, just let me know and I’ll give you a hand.
Finally, football is back.