It’s been a while

I really seem to be letting my little site slip into neglect these days don’t I? It’s not that I haven’t had things worth blogging about, I just haven’t taken the time for some reason. Lot’s of other stuff to mess with I guess. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s been going on.

I’ve been working for Griffin for 2 months now. Doesn’t seem like it. It’s going well. This place has exceeded my expectations in some ways an not lived up to them in others. All in all though, I’m pretty happy. Definitely looking forward to attending WWDC in San Francisco this summer!

The Predators, aka Pr3d4t0rs ;), made the playoffs this year… finally. And so after having not attended a hockey game in couple years I got tickets for the whole family for game 4 against the Red Wings. We won that game (and it was a blast), but sadly lost the series. And so I’ll be pulling for my other home town team (the Wings) now. This was Aaron’s first hockey game and he was spellbound. We were a little worried how a three year old boy would do at a 3 hour sports event, but he was completely enthralled. Alex on the other hand fell asleep… as usual 😛 So now I’ve been to a playoff game in 3 of the 4 major sports. NBA, NFL and now NHL. I can’t see that I’ll ever feel compelled to go to a MLB playoff game, but if someone wants to give me tickets…

Our neighbors, Rich, Tracy, Ashley & Adam, across the street are moving to Dallas 🙁 We’ve been friends with them since we moved to Vincent Lane and the neighborhood won’t be the same without them. Alex and Aaron are great friends with Ashley and Adam and I hope they don’t have too hard of a time with this. And Rich is/was my football buddy. He and I split the cost of my Titans season tickets after the first season at the Coliseum since he was the guy who ended up going with me most of the time that year. I’ll have to find someone else to drag along to the games with me once Fall rolls around 🙁

What else is new? Let’s see, oh I’ve decided to give golf another go… I have no idea why. I can’t seem to hit that stupid white ball straight to save my life. I bought some new clubs hoping that would do the trick, we’ll see.

Besides that, the war in Iraq still bothers me of course. Spring is here and the lawn (assorted patches of weeds) needs mowing every 15 minutes. Jo Jo is still behaving like a puppy. My wife has been bugging me to get a pool. Aaron can’t wait for the new Fiderman movie and Alex is finishing up a great 1st grade year at school and growing up more quickly than I can imagine. Oh and she’s drinking Diet Coke now… she’s 6 drinking Diet Coke because Ashley does and so therefore it’s cool.

Finally, I’ve decided to turn the comment system back on for a while. If I start getting spam again, I’ll turn it back off. Until next time…