Geek Ruminations

Put six geeks in a van and head to lunch and the conversation generally turns, er, geeky. Here’s a sampling of the sort of questions raised on the way to, during, and on the way back from a birthday lunch for Mark (Happy Birthday Mark) at Baja Burrito:

– How much cheaper is it to be cremated than buried?
– Can you be buried in your back yard and if so what regulations must you follow?
– Why do wounds heal, but only up to a point, ie how come we don’t regrow limbs.
– How far down do property lines extend? How far up?
– Why did 2 sexes evolve? Why not 1? Why not N?
– Why didn’t more creatures evolve with omni-vision (360 degree, eye/s in the back of the head)? Seems so handy.
– How come so few animals with infra-red detection? Or sonar?
– Why do so few creatures have glow-in-the-dark mating rituals?
– How come no seat belts on school buses?
– Would David Dunlap’s head supply enough resistance to keep me from flying through the windshield if he wrecked his van?
– How can the government make illegal the sacrifice of a goat in your back yard when it is for religious purposes?
– Which showing of The Two Towers are we going to?

Bonus question: This came up a few days ago, and I never found the answer:
– Why is there gravel on top of some flat roofs?

If anyone has the answer to any or all of these questions, please comment.