To Sue

Isn't she a doll!?
1993 was a bad year. And 1994 wasn't really starting off any better. If my memory of that time in my life left me (and my behavior during that time has gone pretty far towards that) it wouldn't bother me at all. During that time my actions had cost me my job (twice) put me in deep financial trouble and strained relationships with both family and friends. During the summer of 1994 things started turning around. I'd moved back to Michigan to try and get my shit together and began plotting my "comeback".

By the time the fall approached, my former employer had decided to take one more chance on me. I moved back to Nashville and began to rebuild my life. I was staying with a very good friend who kept an eye on me and made sure I didn't get out of line. But I was living in a bubble and I was worried that if I left that bubble that things would slowly go back to the way they were. I hadn't really changed yet, I was just doing a good job of avoiding potentially bad situations.

In December of 1994 I changed. I met the woman who would, in roughly 18 months, become my wife. I met Sue (everyone else may call her Susie). I've never met anyone quite like her before or since. Not only was she beautiful, but funny and kind. Though I got the impression that she wasn't someone you would necessarily want to cross. This is particularly true if you happened to be a small (or large) animal sharing the road with her. She has for some reason managed to run over or into everything short of a water buffalo in a car... but I digress.

Can you imagine marrying this?
Yeah, neither can I.
Despite my unintentional attempts to scare her away (weekends spent together where she patiently watched me play Myst come to mind) she stuck with me. I've no idea why, but she did and even went so far as to marry me in July of 1996. In two short years I went from a nearly hopeless situation to about as perfect a life as a guy can have. It gets better though.

In August 1997 our daughter Alexandria was born. Our son Aaron in June of 2000. I came to realize as time went by that if Susie was a great wife, then she was an absolutely brilliant mother. Which is fortunate since she has to make up for all my shortcomings as a father.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, 11 years ago, I couldn't have imagined the life that I have now. I know I'm an incredibly lucky guy and I count my blessings daily. And I owe it all to the woman that stood beside me all this time. You saved my life 11 years ago Susie, and I love you more than I can put into words. I just thought everyone should know that.

September 27, 2005